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On November the 12th & 13th we will host the 5th European movilitas Track & Trace Conference in Frankfurt/ Main.

Once again an excellent opportunity to meet, listen and discuss every aspect of Serialization/ Track & Trace processes.

With this app we would like to provide you an overview about the conference; about the speakers, agenda and many more.

movilitas Consulting delivers premier SAP Supply Chain, Track & Trace and Mobility Solutions to customers on an international basis. movilitas' solutions help our customers take their businesses to new heights by enhancing control of their extended supply chains, ensuring their compliance with global regulations, and optimizing their field-based business processes.

玩商業App|movilitas T&T免費|APP試玩

We help our clients quickly adapt and adopt advanced IT solutions to these enterprise challenges.

Welcome to this year‘s Track & Trace conference hosted by movilitas.

Product recalls or delays in product launches because of quality concerns can cause significant disruption within the supply chain. Sometimes,supplier product quality or a supplier’s use of an unapproved ingredient is the reason behind such disruptions. However, in the end, it is the brand owner and not a remote supplier that is held responsible for the quality and reliability of the product. It is thus essential to keep your supply chain from being compromised or interrupted and to ensure its integrity. Supply chain integrity protects the brand, minimizes costs due to loss or damage,

and enables you to provide a quality product to the end consumer at the right place and time. Based on a significant and continuous investment in this area, the SAP offering provides a wealth of capabilities that helps you ensure supply chain integrity: supporting batch and serialized item product/part traceability and quality issue management, supplemented by goods and assets in-transit visibility as well as traceability for process monitoring. Compliance with directives, avoidance of costly fire-fighting and improved operational efficiency contribute to improving your customer service and ultimately protect your brand. Enjoy listening to the latest supply chain integrity news from SAP, sharing

insights of your implementation projects and networking with your peers.

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