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[1] 将拍摄的美甲照片装饰得更加可爱

[2] 选择标题、分类、颜色后即可简单上传

[3] 上传美甲照片,可以通过“可爱”、“留言”跟大家共同交流

[4] 与twitter及Facebook合作,在粉丝面前一展美甲风采

[5] 按照类别上传美甲照片,绝对可以找到心仪之款!



玩健康App|nailap 美甲生活免費|APP試玩






Limited FREE! Grand Opening Special Offer!

New app to take a cute picture of your nails and post – Photo sharing app exclusively for nail art lovers.

Lots of functions to make your nail art life a lot more fun.

Decorate your favorite nails and stand out the most!

Your lovely nails will surely be an art sample for everyone to follow.

Check out postings by category and catch a real trend on the street!!

Pick up a nail design in style and order it at a nail salon right away!

We’ve got many functions to make your nail art life happy.

- Features

玩健康App|nailap 美甲生活免費|APP試玩

-- Add cute decorations to a picture of your nails

-- Quick upload just by picking up a title, category, and color.

-- Buzz on each other by giving “cute” and “comment” on pretty nails.

-- Show it off to your followers by connecting with Twitter

-- You can find your favorite style for sure! Nail design postings by category.

- Major Photo Functions

-- Brightness adjustment

-- Arrangement with cute deco frames. (Frequent new arrivals.)

- How to Find Nail Design】

-- Check out nail designs in style from the “topics” timeline.

-- Follow your favorite nail lovers and check out their latest styles at anytime.

-- Refine your search by category and color to get to the best nail design matching your mood.

- Support

-- Please contact us at the email address below for malfunction reports and any feedbacks.

mail : [email protected]

玩健康App|nailap 美甲生活免費|APP試玩

Twitter : @nailap_en

玩健康App|nailap 美甲生活免費|APP試玩

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