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玩個人化App|natural collection免費|APP試玩

This Livewallpaper is designed in the motif of natural miscellaneous goods, and pretty laces on the background!

Plenty of pretty items roll in this livewallpaper!

★☆Explanation of the function☆★

○You are enable to choose the background image from 3 different theme on the pay version.

○In the pay version, you are enable to select the number of item, and you can slso select not to extinct items after uniformity time

○There is no advertisement to the pay version

●23 different kinds of items roll in a screen to a degree of leaning。

玩個人化App|natural collection免費|APP試玩

●Touch the screen, and the items appear in random.

●Appeared item will diappear as time passes.

cameo of rose・Antique key・Picture of the flower basket・spoon・fork・Hanger・emblem of the teacup and a pot・Button of a tree and the shellfish・tag・message paper・Sprinkler・2 different ribbons・Handle silhouette of deer, rabbit,cat, and bird(two kinds each)・lace house・old letter

▼theme tag

livewallpaper、cute、kawaii、natural、for girls、handle

▼compatible OS

玩個人化App|natural collection免費|APP試玩

Android OS 2.1 or later can use live wallpapers.

▼To use


・【Tap your homescreen】>【wallpaper】>【livewallpaper】


・Able to remove this app to your SD card with Android OS 2.1 or later.

・If you move this app to SD card, it could fail to auto start during the phone reboot, so you need to set it again. This beahviour could happen to all live wallpaper apps and also depends on the phone type.

玩個人化App|natural collection免費|APP試玩

・If there is any error on update, uninstall the previous version and then install again.

玩個人化App|natural collection免費|APP試玩

natural collection 線上APP手遊玩免費

不限時間玩natural collection App免費

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