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玩工具App|notebook - Memo+Sketchbook免費|APP試玩

notebook is lightweight app for text, photo and drawing.

[Additional Information]

This app is for older version of Android.

It may not fit your latest Android device.

[Information for Emily]

This app is not a fancy and cool game app, just a utility app.

So no content inside. You can input whatever. It's all up to you.

If you are artist painter, this app will be a full color sketchbook.

If you are boring person, this app will be boring for you.


* no access to your privacy (personal information, contact, accounts, internet)

* no popup keyboard when you open it - easy to read memo

* no start up at system boot

* simple - just like real stationery, you can write text/sketch on a paper/photo

* you can add unlimited pages for each 2 free notebooks

玩工具App|notebook - Memo+Sketchbook免費|APP試玩

With notebook, you can

* write text (plain text/html, voice input), finger paint (full color) on picture, attach picture/sound

(same as paper notebook - you can erase only finger paint if it's on pictures)

* add unlimited pages, iPhone style flick scroll, jump to a card, organize (re-order) cards

* share (send/receive) text/image from/to external app (Gmail, Facebook, twitter etc...)

* change text size, text color, card color etc.

* some additional features for flash cards - auto scroll (double tap/long press), text-to-speech, shuffle cards, import from CSV etc.

* includes free 2 notebooks and additional notebook available from Google play

About permissions:

* STORAGE: used only when you share images to save temporary file under /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/. All files generated by this app will be deleted automatically when you uninstall this app so no junk files will be left on your SD card.

* Google play billing service: used only when you add additional notebook

* System tools install shortcuts: used only when you start up this app for the first time and you select create shortcut

Special Thanks:

notebook is inspired by DrawNoteK by kujirahand

玩工具App|notebook - Memo+Sketchbook免費|APP試玩

I would recommend this if you are looking for app dedicated to finger paint.

玩工具App|notebook - Memo+Sketchbook免費|APP試玩

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    notebook is lightweight app for text, photo and drawing.[Additional Information] This app is for older version of Android.

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