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Connect your digital memories to the physical world with stickers. Our application, in combination with our stickers, allow you to connect photos, videos, audio recordings and text messages to scrapbooks, greeting cards, thank you notes and more through our StorySticker stickers.

Having trouble importing your library to the new app? Contact us at [email protected] so we can help!

How it works:


1. Purchase StoryStickers at select retailers or through the website


2. Scan your sticker with the iPhone app


3. Choose an audio recording, video, photo or text message from your phone - or create new content on the spot

That’s it! Once you have saved your message, you can place the sticker anywhere and leave a permanent memory.

Saved messages can be retrieved by scanning the sticker with the app or any other QR code reader - or at the website using the ten-letter code on your sticker. was selected as one of the 20 hottest new products at the 2011 Craft and Hobby Association Summer Conference.

How to Order Stickers

Visit our website at for more information on how to order stickers. 線上APP手遊玩免費

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