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sureTREAT is a free pool water test app designed to make pool water testing faster and easier than ever. It reads test strips, calculates treatments, and recommends dosages of products carried by your chosen retailer. Ideal for pool and spa stores, service techs, and pool owners, users will enjoy hassle-free testing, expert record-keeping and calculations, and immediate recommendations. Just dip the strip, take a photo, and get a detailed water balance report with exact product dosages. Comfort, relaxation, and perfect water balance have never been quicker or simpler.

The sureTREAT mobile app is unique in a number of ways. Not only does it make professional pool and spa water treatment recommendations, it allows homeowners and service techs to connect with the local retailer of their choice – meaning that all treatment advice is made with that retailer’s stock in mind. No more running around town looking for a specific treatment product. Everything recommended on the sureTREAT app will be available at your favorite pool and spa store. Plus, every time a water test is conducted by a pool store, service tech, or pool owner through a customer account, no matter if it’s done with the sureTREAT retail app, the service app, or the user website, those test results (as well as the pool or spa’s dimensions and characteristics) are archived for future reference and access through any sureTREAT application.

sureTREAT’s distinctiveness doesn’t stop there. With the use of Taylor’s top-of-the-line, foil-wrapped, single-dispense sureTRACK test strips, users can test for free chlorine or bromine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, and cyanuric acid...all with one dip. Plus, they’ll no longer have to fight with air and moisture spoilage, wet finger contamination, poor color development, difficulty with color matching, and the uncertainty that comes with traditional test-strip methods. Couple these groundbreaking test strips with the sureTREAT mobile app, and any pool owner or operator can have perfect water balance all wrapped up – in less time and with less effort than ever before.

To get started, visit Create an account, which will store your information and connect you to the retailer or your choice. Then download the sureTREAT mobile app, get testing, treat with confidence, and dive in!



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