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Sync iTunes media with android devices over a wireless connection.

iTunes to android wireless sync app :

sync iTunes songs, mp3, movies, videos, podcasts and playlists to android via WIFI connection. Best iTunes downloader app to download iTunes media from windows computer to Android devices.

itunes to android sync App functionalities:-

Sync iTunes playlists to android device.

sync iTunes songs, movies, videos to android device.

sync itunes podcasts to android device.

System requirements:

1) Android device

2) Windows computer with iTunes (Mac not supported yet).

3) Wi-Fi Connection

4) Follow setup instructions listed in the app.


1) I have purchased full version, but only limited files are transferred like free version. how to fix?

To have unlimited sync feature, uninstall free version and keep only paid version on your android device.

2) my itunes videos are transferred to android. but it doesn't play on android device. how to fix?

Try following steps:

* Try with different media player. e.g: free mxplayer from google play

* File may not get transferred in full. Delete and sync again.

3) App says sync completed, but I don't see songs in android device.

* Make sure songs that you wanted to sync are included on sync'd iTunes playlist(s).

* Restarting android device helps showing sync'd media on some make / models.

4) connection failed error fixes:

* Make sure both android device & windows computer are on same WiFi Network. 3G or 4G connections are not permitted to sync.

* ip address has to be inputted as displayed. Enter ip address as it is with dots and no spaces in between.

* Make sure devices are not moved far from WiFi router.

* Some android devices gets disconnected once screen goes into sleep. In those devices, please keep android device screen on.

contact email :

[email protected]

玩音樂App|sync itunes with android免費|APP試玩

玩音樂App|sync itunes with android免費|APP試玩

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