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Control your music playback with knocks on the front or back of your device!

No headphones with remote? No problem! Just put the device in your pocket or on the table and use your hand or finger/s to knock on your device.


Now you can use all your favorite music apps with tipSkip! We’ve designed tipSkip ASSISTANT to complement every music player you love. It automatically recognizes your active music player and allows you to control it.

Get the most innovative music remote control in the PlayStore now!

If you like music, you will love tipSkip for sure.

Features in this version:

- knock on the device 2x to skip to the next track (like a double click with your mouse)

- to skip to the previous track knock 3x on the device

- to pause the track knock 4x

- adjust knock detection sensitivity

- tap the cover for play / pause

- swipe the cover left and right to skip tracks

- works in standby mode


Play with the sensitivity slider to find the perfekt value for your activity.

We plan to add more features and even better detection while doing sports (jogging,cycling) in future versions, so stay tuned and have fun!

tipSkip is also available for iPhone/iPad. Its still a beta so please report any Bugs you may encounter.

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