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Ever wanted to just get a recommendation rather than having to make your way through hundreds of reviews? Yes, well, you should download uReview right now to make this luxury become reality.

uReview will allow you to instantly see your friend's reviews of places from restaurants to new songs. This will result in you getting reviews from people most likely the same age as you and with similar interests, which consequently means that you will always be getting very accurate reviews and won't be mislead by a review by someone 30 years older than you. But the advantages of being connected with your friends don't end there. When you write a review you want it to be seen instantly and don't want it to just be on a website somewhere where hardly anyone is seeing it. With uReview, your review will be posted onto all of your connections' newsfeeds, so within minutes of posting your review, thousands of people could have already seen it.

But, here at uReview, we don't just stop there. We have in fact built an algorithm, which you can use to give you recommendations about places to go. So, for example, if you're looking for a restaurant in London, then you can simply tell the app that and it will recommend the best restaurant for you personally; when I say personally, I mean personally, because the reviews that the algorithm will use will be reviews that people with the same age and personality will have wrote!

So, if you want to make these countless luxuries become reality for you, then you should download uReview right now!





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