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- Select the “share” button in the video App while watching a video (or share any video plain text link via any App) and choose “Youtube downloader”;

- You’ll see all the video codecs and qualities available for the video you’re on. then:

- Press an item to download the video locally (on the device) or to send the download via SSH to a remote PC. Destination machine requirements: Bash and Wget. Other SSH info available;

- Long-press an item and choose between copy to clipboard or share link as text. Note: such a link (differently from when you send it via SSH) can be only used from the same device where it has been created OR from the same LAN, if you share it to another PC.

玩娛樂App|All Video Downloader免費|APP試玩

- Use the Dashboard to interact with downloaded video (audio extraction/conversion/mux and file management).


- Download of videos (support for remote download to another PC via SSH);

- Support for any format/quality available from video sites;

- Audio extraction/conversion to mp3 via item menu in the Dashboard;

玩娛樂App|All Video Downloader免費|APP試玩

- Mux Audio- and Video-only streams into a complete video (to enjoy HD resolutions available as separated streams only);

- File management options via long-click on an item in the Dashboard;

- Handle download link: copy and/or pass it to other apps;

- video list filters by format, quality ecc via (left) sliding menu;

- Many preferences to customize usage.

玩娛樂App|All Video Downloader免費|APP試玩


Are not supported for download all video that:

- require login (i.e. age restricted video);

- implement encrypted streams (some complete movies);

- aren’t available in your country;

玩娛樂App|All Video Downloader免費|APP試玩

- are live events.

玩娛樂App|All Video Downloader免費|APP試玩

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