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Get daily amazing and interesting facts

Facts are fetched from various sources and information provided is 100% true with references to source.

App daily updates with new facts and previous facts are also available in app.


In Trial App: Get daily facts.

Viewed facts are cached in phone memory so can be viewed later.

Every fact has a reference link for information.

Option to share facts via e-mail.


In Paid App:Viewed facts are stored in Gallery for viewing them later.

Option to save the facts to phone PictureHub.

玩娛樂App|Amazing Facts免費|APP試玩

Option to share facts via e-mail.

Every fact has a reference link for information.

View previously viewed facts without internet connection.

Old facts remains in App, so your facts collection remains safe.


Whats new in version

-- Updated source code for performance improvement

-- New updated icons.

-- Licensing bug fixed.


In upcoming version

玩娛樂App|Amazing Facts免費|APP試玩

Get a notification immediately when a new fact is available.

Option to share fact on social networks.

玩娛樂App|Amazing Facts免費|APP試玩

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