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玩模擬App|Ambulance Emergency Driver 3D免費|APP試玩

AMBULANCE EMERGENCY DRIVER 3D is one of the new emergency and thrilling game on the Google play store.

You will be a part of AMBULANCE EMERGENCY DRIVER 3D game and all you need to rush to the aid and

your responsible for saving many life’s as a ambulance driver.

玩模擬App|Ambulance Emergency Driver 3D免費|APP試玩

Driving an ambulance is always a critical task because it’s always in a state of emergency and

you need to be quick and accurate. So have a clean look on the hurdles, sharp turns and heavy traffic that you face.

Do not hit any vehicle or obstacles that come in your way.

玩模擬App|Ambulance Emergency Driver 3D免費|APP試玩

Get into the scene straight by following the indications in the game.

You need to know how to drive an ambulance carefully.

In this AMBULANCE EMERGENCY DRIVER 3D game you have to drive fast around

the city in your ambulance and help patients by carrying them to the doctor in the hospital.

玩模擬App|Ambulance Emergency Driver 3D免費|APP試玩

Therefore you need to know how to drive your vehicle you need to know how to turn in small spaces.

To know-how the thrill download AMBULANCE EMERGENCY DRIVER 3D on you Android mobiles now for FREE.

玩模擬App|Ambulance Emergency Driver 3D免費|APP試玩

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