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Androida is in love with Android. She knows everything about it, the latest news, apps and games. She even has a picture album of it's phones and specs for you to compare.


She lives off ads so if you like her - support her, she'll be updated and possibly get an upgrade or two just for you! ;)

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  • Android Apps on Google Play

    Purchase and enjoy instantly on your Android phone or tablet without the ... Android Pay, now in your favorite apps. 0. 0.

  • Android App分享介紹| 電腦王阿達的3C胡言亂語

    分類:3C新聞與產品評測,Android App分享介紹,Android軟體分享與刷機教學,iOS 軟體與JB相關文章 日期:2016/01/20.

  • 第一支Android app程式教學@ 讀樂島:: 痞客邦PIXNET ::

    都可以在手機上一鍵搞定,APP讓生活變得更便利. 今天就來介紹ANDROID的程式開發入門. 一步一步的帶各位寫第一 ...

  • 抱歉了果粉,這15 個超殺App 只有Android 才能用| TechOrange

    2014年12月5日 - Android 手機一個很大的優點,就是app 相較於iPhone 有很大的自由度能讓使用者調整。現今幾乎所以 ...

  • Android軟體分享- 手機討論區- Mobile01

    Mobile01 Android App V3.0版精進操作介面更好用. Mobile01的官方App Android 版,歷經... 人人都是生活的導演!

  • 體驗Android的最佳介面!16款Android App 精選下載- 電腦玩物

    2015年6月7日 - 今天來寫一篇可以讓我們體驗Android 最佳介面設計的App 精選下載清單,從這些好用的App 中 ...

  • 改變行動工作!電腦玩物2014 最佳Android App 推薦- 電腦玩物

    2014年12月7日 - 實際瀏覽一番後,感覺和我心目中的2014 最佳Android App 有很大的落差,於是一時手癢,也來幫大家 ...

  • Recensioni, news, download delle applicazioni android

    Le migliori applicazioni per android recensite per voi. Scarica le applicazioni sul tuo smartphone, vota e commenta le applicazioni per potenziare il tuo smartphone android. ... Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: top di gamma al fantastico prezzo di 158€ e

  • Mobile Apps | Travel Wisconsin | Travel Apps

    Find the fun faster while you're on-the-road in Wisconsin with the Travel Wisconsin iPhone® and Android apps. Both are available for FREE download from the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Market.

  • The world's most flexible and easy-to-use mobile Caller ID Spoofing app.

    Fake your Caller ID, change your voice, record your calls, and more! SpoofPro is the best tool available to spoof your Caller ID. ... SpoofPro is the world's best Caller ID Spoofing application for Android phones. Come try the all-new version, re-written