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Apk Share App will Share APK to offline to other devices.


* Apk Share App via Bluetooth or already installed WiFi sharing tools that too free.

* Open an Installed app, Check application details and Uninstall an app using Apk Share app.

* Open Backup folder using your own file browser to Install backed up Apk.

* Share APK directly as attachment to Gmail, Hike, Skype creates backup of App as Apk at the same time.

* Share Apk Backup multiple Apk files in one go.

* Apk Share comes with instant search to search APPs on your device.

* Apk Share creates Backup of Installed Apks in local storage.

Apks can be shared via:

* Bluetooth

* Email/Gmail

* Skype

* Google Drive

* Hike

* Outlook

* SuperBeam

玩工具App|Apk Share - App Share免費|APP試玩

* ShareIt

OR do

Open Application

Check Details

Back up Application

Uninstall Application

SHARE APP focuses on convinces and simplicity. A Share App with Clean, simple and Sleek UI. Very easy to use and available free on play store.

How to Use:



Select one or multiple apps by using check box.

A sharing button at the bottom will pop up.

玩工具App|Apk Share - App Share免費|APP試玩

Click and share via Bluetooth.

If you want to send App via other means select Others.

Choose and Share.

Single App sharing


Click on the app that you want to share.

A pop up will open asking you the sharing option.

Choose Bluetooth or Others as per your requirement.

玩工具App|Apk Share - App Share免費|APP試玩

With this option you can also back up you app.

This is the fastest apps sharing application available on Playstore.

Do not forget to rate the app. Rate it high!!

Disclaimer: Before sharing app do check if you have distribution rights or not.

玩工具App|Apk Share - App Share免費|APP試玩

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