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玩交通運輸App|App&Town Public Transport免費|APP試玩

App&Town is a free app that guides and keeps track of the user, with visual and auditory signals, efficiently and safely, to any user of public transport (bus, metro, train, tram...). A revolutionary app that provides real time information about public transport timetables, incidents that may occur and, if necessary, calculates alternative routes guiding the user from end to end. It is multimodal and exhaustive, including all means of public transport in the metropolitan area. It uses the latest technology to provide in real time, the best routes and a very precise guidance with a friendly user interface.

App&Town is a new application aimed at citizens and visitors that includes all functionalities that may be needed when using public transport in the metropolitan area, as the nearest stop, the expected time of arrival of the transport, the faster and free of incidents route, the schedules and routes of transportation on official maps, the best choice when moving with baby carriage or wheelchair, among others.

App&Town saves time when commuting and provides security in unusual trips, guiding to the user by the fastest or the most attractive routes, according to its preferences of each moment. A useful and practical app, that allows the user to be constantly informed throughout the trip, where you are and when you should get off. To do so, App&Town uses two sources of information to warn the users of any incident that may occur in transportation networks in real time, and to thus calculate alternative routes. The first one is the information provided by the transport operators. The second one is the information that the users of the application provided directly in real time. The own App&Town community, through collaborative intelligence, generates updated information for all users.

App&Town is available at:

- Barcelona: TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona), RENFE (Rodalies), FGC (Railways of the Generalitat de Catalunya), Cetramsa-AMB (Authosa, Mohn, Oliveras, Rosanbus, Soler i Sauret, SGMT, TCC2, TUSGSAL) which include Nitbus, Tram (Trambaix and Trambesòs)).

玩交通運輸App|App&Town Public Transport免費|APP試玩

- Madrid: EMT (Empresa Municipal de Transportes of Madrid).

- Laval: STL (Société de Transports de Laval).

It also can be used anywhere (although there is no public transport information), as a pedestrian navigator because App&Town goes with you wherever you go.

PD: You can also find us with: App & Town, AppAndTown, App And Town or OnTheBus.

玩交通運輸App|App&Town Public Transport免費|APP試玩

玩交通運輸App|App&Town Public Transport免費|APP試玩

玩交通運輸App|App&Town Public Transport免費|APP試玩

玩交通運輸App|App&Town Public Transport免費|APP試玩

玩交通運輸App|App&Town Public Transport免費|APP試玩

玩交通運輸App|App&Town Public Transport免費|APP試玩

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不限時間玩App&Town Public Transport App免費

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