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-World 4 and Ice Sliding added.

Update V4.5

-Added 2 new worlds, World 0 and World 2.

玩動作App|Birdy Flap免費|APP試玩


-World 1 added with 10 levels! Try to get all 3 Stars on each level. Bonus try to beat it with both the Red and Blue Birdy.

-New night theme.

-Faster gameplay.

Update V3:

玩動作App|Birdy Flap免費|APP試玩

-Significant gameplay improvement!

-New Character: Red Birdy! Select on menu screen by tapping. Red Birdy glides by holding and releasing. You can still use Blue Birdy if you prefer flapping.



-More updates to come!

玩動作App|Birdy Flap免費|APP試玩

Update V2:

-New Rage Quit Mode!

-Made Birdy bigger

-Made the game a bit easier

-Added a Menu screen

-Thanks for downloading my game, I'm going to continue to improve it as long as you keep playing it!

玩動作App|Birdy Flap免費|APP試玩

Tap the screen (or press space bar) to make your Birdy Flap it's wings. See if you can get a higher score than your friends!

玩動作App|Birdy Flap免費|APP試玩

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