Blue Water Go Launcher Theme|不限時間玩個人化App

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玩個人化App|Blue Water Go Launcher Theme免費|APP試玩

This is my first theme and I hope you like :).

The form of icons and the effect on the display give the name of the theme. The style of icons, allows you to easily find the app in the menu.




This theme requires GO Launcher EX to work - it is available free on the android market. If you encounter a screen that just says loading it is caused by Go Launcher being installed AFTER the app, uninstall both this theme and Go Launcher, restart your device and install Go Launcher THEN this app!

How to install;

1. Install the most recent GO Launcher EX for free from the android market.

2. On the home screen open the menu and tap themes, then select the Blue Water theme.

玩個人化App|Blue Water Go Launcher Theme免費|APP試玩

3.To set a wallpaper open the home screen menu, tap wallpaper and then GO Launcher and take your pick!


If the theme is stuck on loading and you are sure that you have installed the theme AFTER Go launcher then follow these instructions;

1. Apply the theme normally (menu --> Themes -- Blue Water --> Apply)

2. Open up the theme menu again and without selecting a theme tap "Setting" in the bottom right

3. Set each option to the Blue Water Theme (For example tap Icons --> Dock Icon --> Blue Water Theme will change the dock)

4. If you change each setting it should fix the issue and the theme should work normally!

If you are still having issues with icons not changing then long press the app you wish to change the icon of, tap replace and choose Theme's Icon. Select Blue Water in the top right and then choose the correct icon.

玩個人化App|Blue Water Go Launcher Theme免費|APP試玩

If you don't find the voice "theme", open "setting theme" in app draw and search Blue Water, click on the image and then apply.

The clock widget is "Advanced Clock Widget" and you can find it on the android market.

For other icons, wallpapers or questions contact me at gmail.

玩個人化App|Blue Water Go Launcher Theme免費|APP試玩

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