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玩休閒App|Bushtucker Trial Party Game免費|APP試玩

The aim of the game is to get at first 10 Stars and be the king of the jungle.

玩休閒App|Bushtucker Trial Party Game免費|APP試玩

Certainly it is not as simple, as you think at first.

玩休閒App|Bushtucker Trial Party Game免費|APP試玩

Just like in the show you have to fight for the stars in trials.

At first a jungle-cube decides one of six categories. There are categories like Eating, Drinking, Body, Fun, Knowledge and Overcoming.

玩休閒App|Bushtucker Trial Party Game免費|APP試玩

Every category surprises with completely different challenges. There are over 80 trials in the app, which makes sure that it won't become boring.

Challenges like to drink a schnapps glass of freshly pressed lemon juice, walk around the room like a monkey or touch a spider with your hands are one of the easiest challenges in this app, if you don´t have a spider phobia.

Of course the challenges are not as hard as the real bushtucker trials. You can conduct every trial with common household items. However you will find out very fast who of your friends interrupt the challenges and who of them demonstrate strength.

At this moment where the show starts, every party will be a highlight with this app.

Furthermore this party game is fun the whole year.

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