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Control your CPU with easy user friendly interface.

It is well known ,that CPU influences device performance , system stability or even battery consumption.If you are not proffesional it is hard to set up your CPU to achieve best performance (device speed),stability and minimalize battery consumption.CPU Pro contain 6 modes which sets your CPU in a propriate way.Each mode will scan your availible governors (scalling),I/O schedulers and than automatically sets them with smart technology to achieve best speed,stability and battery life!Control your CPU with easy user friendly interface.

Works without root as well

!-Pro version only

Application provides:

★Overclock -Allows you to set maximal and minimal freqiuencies


!★Best performance

Sets your cpu on maximal freqency all the time ,so it ensure maximal speed and performance

Mode is advisable for: Playing games

!★Normal performance

Your cpu will jump from low to high frequencies more fastly for better performance

Mode is advisable for: System with minimal delay,HD videos,Surfing

!★Best stability

玩工具App|CPU Manager | Booster Free免費|APP試玩

Your cpu will be set up to factory settings.

Mode is advisable for: Calling,sending SMS

!★Normal stability

Mode is just a little bit unstable than Best stability ,but on the other hand offers better performance and battery saving

Mode is advisable for: GPS navigation

!★Best battery saving

Your CPU will be running on the lowest possible frequency all the time for the lowest battery consumtion.

Warning:Performance will resolutely fall!

Mode is advisable for: Stand by mode

!★Normal battery saving

玩工具App|CPU Manager | Booster Free免費|APP試玩

Your cpu will jum from low frequencies to high more slowly and everythime you lock the screen sets tho lowest possible frequency

Mode is advisable for: Normal use with extended battery life

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