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Quickly import your contacts into Android phone. Premium contacts back up. Never lose your contacts again. The ultimate contact import and back up solution you need on Android.


Contacts Importer is a quick and easy cross-platform solution to help you back up and import your contacts between Android, iphone, ipad, Symbian and Blackberry. Give yourself a secure Android backup and ensure you always have a quick accessible copy.

Import your whole address book between phones and tablets in one swift action.

玩工具App|Contacts Backup & Restore免費|APP試玩

Contacts can also be backed up to the cloud and managed online by registering an account at

to create your own personal NQ Space.


玩工具App|Contacts Backup & Restore免費|APP試玩

- Back up your contacts privately and securely to NQ Space

- Restore contacts directly from your NQ Space

- Backup contacts to your SD card

- Restore your address book from the SD card

玩工具App|Contacts Backup & Restore免費|APP試玩

- Manage your address book directly through your NQ Space and automatically sync on all your devices

玩工具App|Contacts Backup & Restore免費|APP試玩

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