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Convert every world currency using Currency Converter. It offers live conversion rates, exchange rates of more than 180 world currencies and 4 metals and stores the last updated values so it works when an active internet connection is not found. Have all important and desired currencies at first glance by setting up your own currency list


- 182 world currencies

玩財經App|Currency Converter免費|APP試玩

- 4 metals

- Live rates (automatic updates - regulated update intervals)

玩財經App|Currency Converter免費|APP試玩

- Chart Rates – Currency Graphs ( 1 day - 5 years)

- 3 Graphs Types (Line, Bar, Candle)

玩財經App|Currency Converter免費|APP試玩

- Simultaneously convert up to 20 currencies

- Reorder your own currency list


玩財經App|Currency Converter免費|APP試玩

- Stores last update rates for later viewing

- Convert currency rates without active internet access


玩財經App|Currency Converter免費|APP試玩

- Turn currency symbols on / off

- Adjust Precision ( set the number of decimals 0-5 )

玩財經App|Currency Converter免費|APP試玩

- 2 Application Themes ( Light and Dark Theme )

- Adjustable initial conversion base factor ( Initial Value for Base Currency = 10 )

玩財經App|Currency Converter免費|APP試玩

- Adjust the frequency of live updates

- Additional Currency Details on Main Screen (Rates Only, Rates and Inverse, Rates and Unit Inverse, Rates and Unit Conversion)


玩財經App|Currency Converter免費|APP試玩

- Base and Convert Currency Selection on Main Screen

- Currency Details (Country, Continent, Capital, Flag, Currency Symbol)

玩財經App|Currency Converter免費|APP試玩

- App 2 SD

- Quick search functionality for easy and neat currency addition

*** NOTES ***

玩財經App|Currency Converter免費|APP試玩

-To avoid roaming costs while traveling, use offline mode

-Rates and graphs are provided by FINANCE

玩財經App|Currency Converter免費|APP試玩

Our goal is the continuous improvement of this application. Please feel free to contact us for malfunctions. Any comment – suggestion is really welcomed

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