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There is nothing better than a good pair of shoes. Great shoes improve your posture, flatter your figure, give you a more attractive gait, and provide the base for a stylish outfit. Shoes always fit, no matter how many scoops of slow-churned goodness you added to your cone last night. Instead of buying a new pair of shoes for every trend, why not take some old, washed-up, has-been shoes from your closet and DIY them into something unique?

Customizing shoes is one trend that has taken off massively in recent years. With inexpensive and plain shoes available in abundance, shoppers are more than ever choosing to use shoe accessories, dyes and other craft products to add a truly personal touch to their footwear.

玩生活App|DIY Shoe Craft Idea免費|APP試玩

DIY Shoe Craft Idea application will help to inspire you in decorating or customizing your shoes. In this DIY Shoe Craft Idea there is a hundred of adorable and stunning DIY Shoe Craft Ideas for you that are available for free. Before taking look at the collection in DIY Shoe Craft Idea application, we present you same ways to decorate your shoes by yourself.

Re-Do your Shoes: Make a Removable Embellishment

玩生活App|DIY Shoe Craft Idea免費|APP試玩

Make a simple ribbon or chiffon embellishment that you can add to any pair of strappy heels and remove when the trend dies down. Because let's face it, wearing ruffle chiffon leaves all over your feet is not going to be popular for long.

Re-Do your Shoes: Decoupage

玩生活App|DIY Shoe Craft Idea免費|APP試玩

With a little mod podgy, some fabric, and a hot glue gun, you can essentially reupholster a pair of old shoes like you would a couch.

Re-Do your Shoes: Paint

玩生活App|DIY Shoe Craft Idea免費|APP試玩

Spray paint a pair of boring flats or heels with a bright color and seal with a coat of clear spray paint. Make sure you tape off the soles and other places you don't want the paint to get on, and wait for the paint to dry completely (overnight) before handling.

Besides those four ways, you can customize your shoe is with the addition of shoe clips. These shoe accessories are a great way to add unique style to footwear without making any permanent changes. Shoe clips come in a range of materials and designs - from bows and flowers to studs and chains - and can be attached in any place on any shoe.

玩生活App|DIY Shoe Craft Idea免費|APP試玩

Popular shoe dye shades include gold and metallic colors, cobalt blue, classic black and red, deep purples and vibrant pinks. The change is, however, permanent, so make sure that you are really in love with the color you choose before going ahead with the procedure. You can collect color swatches of your ideal shade so that your professional dying service delivers an exact match. You can use crystals and jewels to create patterns or motifs on your shoes, or you can even opt for a more striking all-over look by covering the entire surface of your shoes with decorations. Finally, instead of covering a shoe in crystals, jewels or pearls, one particular on-trend option is to cover footwear with glitter. Popular glitter color choices include gold, silver and blue.

From shoe accessories to permanent decorations, you are sure to find a way to express your unique style and add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe, either temporarily or permanently. Let's now take a look at this DIY Shoe Craft Idea and make your stunning shoes!

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