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DAILY EXPENSE MANAGER or DEM is one of the best finance apps in the smart phone market. Daily Expense Manager has the great power of unique data analysis with intelligent advice, which helps you to save over 30% of your monthly expenses.

Money; it is one of the most essential commodity of the modern world, without it even food, the prime need is inaccessible to human. Mostly people lose tracks of their incomes and expenses, where did money came from and where it went? They fail to make proper budgetary plans due to unavailability of complete financial data. Thus, personal money management or personal finance management is one of the most important techniques one should practice, to deal with his/her finance.

Daily Expense Manager is the perfect app to keep track of one's financial efficiency. It is easy to understand and the best way to record your financial data. Crossing over 1 million downloads in the different app stores (AMAZON STORE, GOOGLE PLAY STORE, BLACKBERRY APP WORLD and SAMSUNG STORE).


✔ Money Manager

✔ Expense Tracker

✔ Bill Reminder

玩財經App|Daily Expense & Income Manager免費|APP試玩

✔ Budget Planner

✔ Interactive Reports

✔ Data Visualization

✔ Stunning Graphs

✔ High Data Security

✔ Manage Receipts

玩財經App|Daily Expense & Income Manager免費|APP試玩

✔ Export Data

✔ Set Notification

✔ Track & Manage EMI

✔ Multiple Accounts

✔ Data Retrieval

Daily expense manager is an app with multiple functionalities to assist you:

• Password Protection to keep your data secure

玩財經App|Daily Expense & Income Manager免費|APP試玩

• Automatic back-up to server on updating and on making any changes with transactions (ensure a working internet connection for proper functioning of this feature).

• Mailing option for data retrieval

• Keep track of your earnings and spending with their source

• Set reminders about payments to be made or receive

• Segregate your incomes and expenses into different categories and sub categories

• Option to save images of receipts

玩財經App|Daily Expense & Income Manager免費|APP試玩

• Control unwanted expenses by setting budget amount for different categories

• Organize different modes of payments being received and made

• Export your detailed data for later use and recovery in .csv file

• View your summarized data in Excel files and PDF

• Filters to view income, expense, categories and payment modes

• Sort transaction in order of newly added transactions, old transactions, highest amount transactions and lowest amount transactions

• Additional widget for faster transaction entries

玩財經App|Daily Expense & Income Manager免費|APP試玩

• Choose your native currency

• App directory to get information about various services in your locality


★ Attractive user interface

★ Captivating graphics & design

★ Help menu for understandability of DEM

玩財經App|Daily Expense & Income Manager免費|APP試玩

★ Keep track of your expenses and incomes

★ Set budget for different categories

★ Export your detailed data for later use and recovery in .csv file

★ View your summarized data in Excel files and PDF

★ Get notified for a reminder in advance to be prepared for it

★ Widget for faster transaction

★ Give us feedback and with your help we'll make it better

玩財經App|Daily Expense & Income Manager免費|APP試玩


“Great Way to Manage Expenses Easy to use. Customizable. Great way to keep track of you're expenses. With the report facility you can analyse your costs and identify where to cut down on.” - Navinda Wickramasinghe

“The best app Very flexible, more than any spread sheet solution can do at u r finger tips, define u r modes of payment as well as add new heads which r recurring. Helps us to control and analyse our expenses. Patiently enter every penny u spend. It will do wonders for u.” - J Seetharam

“Superb After dwnlding this app I dont have any mislns of money. I have 100% accountability for each and evry rupeeee....” -Babji Siddout


Feel free to share your suggestions and feedback. Mail us for support at

玩財經App|Daily Expense & Income Manager免費|APP試玩

[email protected]


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玩財經App|Daily Expense & Income Manager免費|APP試玩

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玩財經App|Daily Expense & Income Manager免費|APP試玩

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