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Do you feel stressed? Take a break by jamming on a djembe, the traditional western african hand percussion!Djembejam features an exclusive user customizable pressure sensitive audio engine which allows the player for "feeling" the drum much more naturally! No more "machine-gun" effects!The drum is divided into 6 different zones (4 rims and 2 circumcentral drum parts), each of which has 3 pressure layers which play different sounds, giving a more natural result!Feel the rhythm with Djembejam!Introductory price until version 1.1.DjembeJam, un nuovo sistema per fare musica con il tuo iphone. L'applicazione sfrutta l'accelerometro per rispondere in maniera differente alla pressione delle tue dita.Il tamburo è divisi in 6 zone con 3 differenti livelli di pressione/suono per ciascuna zona.



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