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An Android application that uses GPS to accurately determine quarter mile drag timings.

In addition, the following categories are provided:

玩運動App|Drag Timer免費|APP試玩

0-60 MPH Timer

0-60 KPH Timer

玩運動App|Drag Timer免費|APP試玩

0-100 KPH Timer

Users can save their best timings and view the top 10 best timings in each category.

Provides functionality to clear history as well.

玩運動App|Drag Timer免費|APP試玩

Inherent GPS inaccuracy has been taken care of to a reasonable extent. If a drag has major outliers, that drag would be flagged.

Once drag category is chosen and Start button clicked (after GPS connection is obtained), the rider can move at any time and drag starts only when he moves.

玩運動App|Drag Timer免費|APP試玩

Vibrate on drag completion

Disclaimer: Even with an outlier algorithm in place, the readings obtained are directly dependent on GPS readings and there might be inaccuracies especially if the sky is cloudy or in the presence of tall structures. Such drags will be flagged.

Please convey us any further suggestions/requirements to improve this app.

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