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玩解謎App|Dream Circle免費|APP試玩

Hands of Time is the mini puzzle game for Android phones or tablets.

In each level you have to activate all the circles to complete the level. Each circle is a symbol between 1 and 9. The number means how many circles the hands of the clock will move to

玩解謎App|Dream Circle免費|APP試玩

left and right. So 1 moves the clock's hands 1 unit left, and 1 unit right, 2 moves it 2 to the left, and 2 to the right. After choosing the initial circle, you are only left with the options the clock points to. Usually you have 2 other options but in the case where a circle moves the clock 180 degrees, you only have one option to choose.

3 Modes:

玩解謎App|Dream Circle免費|APP試玩

1: Arcade Mode.

玩解謎App|Dream Circle免費|APP試玩

2: Survive Mode.

玩解謎App|Dream Circle免費|APP試玩

3: Quick Play.


玩解謎App|Dream Circle免費|APP試玩

- Google Play Leaderboard.

玩解謎App|Dream Circle免費|APP試玩

- Earn the Achievements.

- Very challenge and addictive.

- Simple and Colorful UI.

Unlimited levels in Survive mode. Challenge yourself and your friends in Google Play.

These brand new puzzles improve cognitive skills, stimulate memory, logical thinking. It’s a best time killer game. It’s a addictive puzzle game for kids, boys and family to play.

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