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玩街機App|Dumb Runner 1免費|APP試玩

A challenging and innovative runner game.

If you are a fan of runner games,you should definitely check Dumb Runner out!

Run as far as you can, quickly go up or down and glide through obstacles. Try to beat other players highscore.


-Innovative runner gameplay mechanics

玩街機App|Dumb Runner 1免費|APP試玩

-Very fast paced gameplay with simple controls

-Change difficulty Easy, Normal and Hard

-Really challengeable

玩街機App|Dumb Runner 1免費|APP試玩

-Challenge your friends and all other players worldwide

-Beautiful backgrounds with new colors every time you play the game

-Four dumb and funny characters

玩街機App|Dumb Runner 1免費|APP試玩

We would love to hear your suggestions, feel free to post your ideas.

For more informations and support, please visit www.foggystudio.com, facebook.com/foggystudio

玩街機App|Dumb Runner 1免費|APP試玩

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