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This is a simple app to add multiple contacts at once. Tired saving contacts one by one? Want to get the contact information from a survey? You can get these done with this app. This app has 2 main features: 1. You can import contacts from a file. 2. You can add the contact details of many people in a single screen and save them all in a single shot.

Lost all of your contact details? Share a form with your friends, let them enter the details and u can get back all the details with a single tap on the screen.

More about the two features:

1. Import From File:

Doing a survey? Need to save the phone numbers of lots of people? Just export/save the survey results to your phone as a file(.xls, .csv, .tsv) and import the contacts by giving the column number of name and phone number. Also, if you want to differentiate those contacts, you can add prefix and/or suffix to all the names.

玩工具App|Easy Contacts免費|APP試玩

Example: Suppose in a spreadsheet, name is in the 3rd column and number is in 5th column, Name Identifier should be given the value 3 and Number Identifier should take the value 5.

2. Create Contacts Manually

Want to add multiple contact information at once from a single screen, instead of adding them one after the other? Select the create contacts manually option, add the name and phone number of multiple contacts and click on create contact button. All your contacts are saved at once.

Note 1: All the contacts are saved as phone contacts.

Note 2: Currently not supported on some HTC mobiles.

玩工具App|Easy Contacts免費|APP試玩

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