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This application helps you to encrypt and decrypt any files or folders in your device with your preferred passwords. You can upload/send/share encrypted data to any locations without worrying about underlying network infrastructures or hosting file servers where data will be kept. Encrypted/Decrypted data can be kept in your device as long as you want and you can manage them at any time.


- Search files and folders in Device.

- Encrypt selected items with password.

- Decrypt whatever encrypted by this application.

玩工具App|File Encrypt Free免費|APP試玩

- Send encrypted data using email or data transfer applications.

- Configure default encryption password.

- Apply search and sort options for items display.


- Secure data transfer.

玩工具App|File Encrypt Free免費|APP試玩

- Improve personal data management.

What Encryption algorithm is used:

This application use AES algorithm to encrypt and decrypt files. Passwords are not saved into encryption packages. If you send encryption package to your friend, you need to give your password to him or her explicitly in order to decrypt your encrypted data.

How this application transfer data:

This application does not transfer data by itself. Instead, this application will communicate with other applications such as Gmail or Google Drive to help you to upload encryption packages.

File Size Limit:

Maximum of 18MB size files are allowed to encrypt or decrypt in FREE version.

End User License Agreement:

玩工具App|File Encrypt Free免費|APP試玩

玩工具App|File Encrypt Free免費|APP試玩

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