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玩工具App|Floting FlashLight免費|APP試玩

FlashLight is awesome app to use your phone flash as torch when you need it. this app use new features of android application technology.this app is also known as floting app. its a very simple application to use and you can use another apps when torch is on, because this application has feature to run above on another applications thats why it known as floting app.use this application.


玩工具App|Floting FlashLight免費|APP試玩

1.No ads in this app. ad free application

2.free of cost.

玩工具App|Floting FlashLight免費|APP試玩

3.run above on other apps.

4.when phone is locked its also working in lock mode.

Rate and review this app if you like it.please email us if you want anything new in this application.

玩工具App|Floting FlashLight免費|APP試玩

Floting FlashLight 線上APP手遊玩免費

不限時間玩Floting FlashLight App免費

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