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Fun Phonics helps children learn to read by understanding the sounds that letters make.

Developed by Top That! Publishing (winner of the IPG Digital Award 2010 and IPG Digital Marketing Award 2012) to be used by teachers and parents with their children up to the age of 7, Fun Phonics uses a proven teaching method that helps young children learn how to read.


Encourage your child to match the words and pictures to help them quickly master three-letter words, short vowels and word families!

玩教育App|Fun Phonics免費|APP試玩


• Intuitive scrolling operation.

• Reward chart function to help you set clear attainment goals for your child.

玩教育App|Fun Phonics免費|APP試玩

• Three-letter words, Short Vowels and Word Families learning modes.

• Learning by word, letter, picture and colour association.

• Rewards sound FX.

• Includes illustrations by celebrated UK artist Barry Green.

玩教育App|Fun Phonics免費|APP試玩

Supports international literacy objectives!

玩教育App|Fun Phonics免費|APP試玩

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