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玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Weed免費|APP試玩

-How to use this theme?

1. Install GO Keyboard from the market

2. Download GO Keyboard Weed

玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Weed免費|APP試玩

3. Press 'Open' -> 'Apply' -> 'Done'

-How to use the custom font included?

1. Press long '? 123' key

玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Weed免費|APP試玩

2. Go to 'Display'

3. Select 'Font'

4. 'Scan fonts' and select font that has GO Keyboard Weed on it. This theme comes with a free Google Font™ that will be activated the moment you install the theme. The font you can find it here: http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Ubuntu

玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Weed免費|APP試玩

-Issues, bugs or errors?

-Please contact us at [email protected].

-Our themes are translated in 48 different languages.

玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Weed免費|APP試玩

-Did you like this app?

-Please give us a RATE and check out our other themes in the market!

玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Weed免費|APP試玩

We all love nature! This GO Keyboard Weed Theme is just what you need to start your day in a good mood. Stop for a while and share the news with your friends: This GO Keyboard Weed is a yet free theme that you can find at the touch of your fingerprints.

It is a God's gift to the world. Weed brings peace when is used wisely. So use your keyboard wisely with this brand new GO Keyboard Weed theme and enjoy the beauty of nature. Your keyboard will just love it!

玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Weed免費|APP試玩

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