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玩教育App|Happy VOA-ESL - Learn English免費|APP試玩

★★free of charge★★

'Happy VOA' is an application for English Learning.You can not only practice your listening ability, but also extand your vocabulary. Through your daily practice, you can easily practice and upgrade your English.

'Happy VOA' newly launched a new channel--ESL Podcast.ESL: (English as a Second Language) is facing to non-English speakers and learners.ESL is a course emphasis on usage of words and phrases which can teach you how to use local English by our familier and easy words and vocabularies.

Now you can have following channels:

☆.Famous America New channel:VOA(Voice of America),☆. You can choose your favorite VOA channel from many VOA and special VOA (slow speed) channels including culture, history, politics, economy, literature, people and etc.

★.ESL Podcast,a course emphasis on usage of words and phrases

玩教育App|Happy VOA-ESL - Learn English免費|APP試玩


☆.ESL BBC, British pronunciation learning channel.

玩教育App|Happy VOA-ESL - Learn English免費|APP試玩

★.ESL in Japanese:a course teaching in Japanese,close to the user in Japan.

Why choose 'Happy VOA'?

☆ 'Happy VOA' could download media files while you listening. You can start listening immediately without waiting downloading files. Not only to save your time, but also be convenient for your operation. You can also play the media file completed loading on the SD card without by offline.

★. 'Happy VOA' supports both online dictionary for over 50 countries and offline dictionary for English - Chinese, English - Japanese, English – Korean. You can use 'Happy VOA' without net connection entirely. (The offline dictionary will be loaded automatically based on your local language.)

玩教育App|Happy VOA-ESL - Learn English免費|APP試玩

☆. The words you have looked up in the dictionary will be collected into a data base; you can check these words and make practice to remember them.

And More Functions:

★. Some articles support subtitle which can help you to understand the read place.

☆. Support image view to make study funny.

'Happy VOA' team will keep on working to provide more service; our goal is 'Easy Learning, Happy English!'

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玩教育App|Happy VOA-ESL - Learn English免費|APP試玩

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