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玩教育App|Happy newborn免費|APP試玩

Rattles, contrast flashcards, lullabies, sounds and piano for your newborn!

• Infant visual stimulation

• Developed with the participation of teachers in the early development

玩教育App|Happy newborn免費|APP試玩

• Will help you soothe and inspire your baby anywhere

In this author's application the development features of the newborn children are considered, all images and sounds can be used from 10th day of life. The black-and-white drawing stimulates visual skills development, quiet and pleasant children's music stimulates hearing development

玩教育App|Happy newborn免費|APP試玩

The «Happy newborn» application contains following sections:

1) Black-and-white contrast flashcards. The simplest ornaments for kiddies with lullaby.

2) Black-and-white contrast flashcards cards. Animals for baby with music.

玩教育App|Happy newborn免費|APP試玩

3) Black-and-white contrast flashcards. Cards for tots with sounds.

4) Rattles toys.

玩教育App|Happy newborn免費|APP試玩

5) Roly-poly doll toys.

6) Musical xylophone (toy piano) and lullaby (music for kiddy).

7) Manual for parents.

玩教育App|Happy newborn免費|APP試玩

8) Detailed information about visual stimulation and milestone of visual skills from birth to half a year.

This is not simply a pad for kiddies, but also the excellent application for moms and daddies, who do not know how to calm а child at once.

玩教育App|Happy newborn免費|APP試玩

Age limits: Since 1 month

Black-and-white pictures. Slide show (animation with sound).

Visual skills of your kid are strongly limited after birth. Sight of little children only starts to develop, it sees only at a short distance and is more susceptible to contrast colors. The child’s eyes work in a black-and-white mode during this period, other colors are interpreted as shades of the grey. Interest in contrast colors lays a way for the further development of the kid’s brain.

玩教育App|Happy newborn免費|APP試玩

It is the period of the visual system development most optimal and sensitive to external stimulation.The application contains three sections with 2 image demonstration modes - manual paging and animation with music (cartoon).

Simple and bright toys for your infant.

玩教育App|Happy newborn免費|APP試玩

Rattle (giggle gang) – is the most favorite and important toy for the kid younger one year. The musical xylophone (toy piano) with pure sounds and bright buttons affects on sight and hearing development of your child. The section contains 5 sounds and 5 children's melodies (lullaby) which you can switch on for the baby, because you know that music for babies is not less important, than competently collected images for sight development. Roly-poly doll attracts with color brightness, develops hearing, imagination, color perception, coordination of movements, ability of logically thinking and communications establishing. It takes only to drop this toy as it independently accepts standing position at once. Our roly-poly rattle is very simple, and it is impossible to take it in hands, but it has the similar principle of action.

Child nursing is a very important part of life. Changing diapers, breastfeeding, health, good sleep baby - the main concern of my mother. But the development of the child is also an important step. Ideal when development is fun. Child will touch toys, rattles, laughing, playing with animals pictures, listen to pleasant sounds of the entire first years of his life. This is the first and best app for baby. This is his nanny, baby sitter and baby soother, when my mother needed free time.

We wish to congratulate you on birth of your kid! You’ve got a wonderful newborn, it will surely make well with your help. The author of the application, mom of two small children, hopes that it will be useful to your kid and will help you to interest and calm it when it is necessary for you.

玩教育App|Happy newborn免費|APP試玩

Dear parents! If you see, that the application works incorrectly, we ask you to send a response with the problem description to

[email protected]

玩教育App|Happy newborn免費|APP試玩

. It will help us to make better the application. Thanks!

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