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Interpretron 2000 uses the revolutionary computonian law of probability to identify underlying meaning in speech. After parallax transformation of the tone and pitch of your voice, this amazing tool feeds the data stream into our proprietary algorithm which responds with the true underlying message from your voice.

In lame man terms: If you think of your language like a stinky onion dipped in cheap caramel, the Interpretron 2000 is like the feral child who greedily gnaws away all the caramel to expose the sour unpleasantness at the center. The app then metaphorically throws that pungent ball of nastiness back in your awe struck face.

And yes, it does this all for free.

An example:

You say: “This app is going to change the world.”

Interpretron 2000: “This app is like stink on a world changing monkey.”

Still reading? Here are some more reasons to download now:

- Laugh with your friends and enemies as you experience a plethora of witty awesomeness


- Learn what others truly think about those ridiculous shoes you always insist on wearing

- Sit in awe as Interpretron 2000’s cutting edge graphics wash over you like nausea at a hot dog eating contest

- Save time and money as you replace your psychiatrist with the proven results of the computonian law of probability

- Increase your happiness by 13%

- Fall in love

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