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JLPT past test OFFLINE version COMING SOON!

Thank you very much for using JLPT past test. We also want to apologize for inconvenience occurred when Answer-Check and Listening function are not working. These problems came because the sever, which has these kind of data, was down for reasons of expense.

ChungCake develop group are working to release the OFFLINE version of this app to solve above problems. In addition, with the OFFLINE version of JLPT past test, we don't need to install Flash Player then the setting is easier, faster.

We are happy to inform you the second JLPT past test OFFLINE version is released.


玩通訊App|JLPT 過去的問題免費|APP試玩



玩通訊App|JLPT 過去的問題免費|APP試玩

- 真正的過去日語能力考試的各級16年的大數據。

- 字典功能可在測試屏幕,使得日本的一項研究更容易。

玩通訊App|JLPT 過去的問題免費|APP試玩

播放音頻文件,Flash播放器是必需的。請安裝Flash Player為指導包括在內。

An app supports Japanese study, specially focuses on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). This app provides the real past JLPT for 16 years in all levels.

ColorDict dictionary is available from the test screen.

Checking answers can be conducted offline. But loading audio files and scoring need internet access.

玩通訊App|JLPT 過去的問題免費|APP試玩

To play audio files, Flash Player is required. Please install Flash Player as the guide included.

日本語能力試験 JLPT の勉強をサポートします。点数を上げるには過去問や模擬問題を解くことは一番効果的は方法なので、過去の日本語能力試験 JLPTを提供します。


玩通訊App|JLPT 過去的問題免費|APP試玩




玩通訊App|JLPT 過去的問題免費|APP試玩

また、音声再生はフラッシュ-プレーヤー(Flash Player)が必要ですが、設定はガイドを従って下さい。

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