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玩教育App|LGV iTheory Driving Test免費|APP試玩

Includes all official revision UK driving test questions for large goods vehicle LGV by Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA

over 1000 questions - official licensed

玩教育App|LGV iTheory Driving Test免費|APP試玩

Professional Category C lorry / truck / LGV License Trainer

With iTheory, you have all official revision questions (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA: England, Wales, Scotland) for the LGV driving license theory test (Category C). Thanks to the test simulation & practice mode, iTheory is the perfect tool to prepare yourself for the truck theory test! Learn specific topics or practice mock tests - all in one App.

the Advantages of iTheory - large goods vehicle LGV license

Better & Cheaper

玩教育App|LGV iTheory Driving Test免費|APP試玩

iTheorie costs less than most of the programs available for the PC, but provides you with more options than most of these learning programs.

No unanswered questions

iTheorie contains the complete catalog of official questions for the driving license theory test. Plus helpful solution tips are provided with every question. Answer explanations for all questions! ONLY IN THIS APP

The perfect preparation

玩教育App|LGV iTheory Driving Test免費|APP試玩

Use the mock test mode to simulate a real test. This shows you how much practice you still need, before you can be sure of passing the test.

Whenever & Whereever

No matter where you are, on the bus, the tube or the train or at school, with iTheory you can practice whenever and wherever you like.

This is what you get with iTheory

玩教育App|LGV iTheory Driving Test免費|APP試玩


The learn mode allows you to practice all questions that are relevant for the theory test. The questions are divided into logical categories, allowing you to practice in a more targeted manner, and helpful solution tips are provided with every question.


玩教育App|LGV iTheory Driving Test免費|APP試玩

The test mode allows you to simulate a real test. This practice test is similar to the real thing and consists of randomly selected questions with the real time limit. Your result is displayed as soon as the test is over, so you can see immediately whether you would have passed or not. Furthermore, any questions you answered incorrectly are displayed together with the correct answers.


The results of each test you complete are saved. This shows you how much practice you still need, before you can be sure of passing the test.


玩教育App|LGV iTheory Driving Test免費|APP試玩

• Over 1000 multiple-choice questions.

• Learncoach for efficient learning.

玩教育App|LGV iTheory Driving Test免費|APP試玩

• Mock test has exactly similar format as in real test.

• Use the statistics weaken your repair

玩教育App|LGV iTheory Driving Test免費|APP試玩

• Offline - No internet connection needed!

• Highscore - Share results with your friends.

Would you like to find out more about iTheorie, or have you got a technical question? Then visit us online or send us a mail. Good luck for your test!

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