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"...If you like word search, you will love it..."


"...Some kind of nice logic and summation game..."


"...Train your skill to detect sequences of numbers for later IQ tests..."

This game is a numbers game. Here, both the mental arithmetic and the spatial imagination is trained. Thus, it is wonderfully suited for the Brain training. You can play against the clock and can achieve awards or you play to train yourself

It base on the famous game of word search. Everybody love to search words within the chaos, but what is about seraching numbers within the chaos of numbers?

The player is shown a rectangle with numbers. In this, the player must find sequences of numbers (e.g. 2 + 3 + 4).

The description of the sequence is always displayed to the user (e.g. +1).

The number of sequeunces which you have to find and the the difficulty increases over time. Can you get all awards? Can you...?

This game can be a really good training session to satisfy any intelligence or aptitude test.

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