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玩攝影App|MonoPix  – 比彩色更好的单色照片。免費|APP試玩

" 光的世界与浓淡细腻完美的结合,带您进入厚重感十分的 MonoPix 世界…

MonoPix 世界让您以全新的感觉体验多姿多彩的生活!"


[ Camera – Camera for the Professionals ]

• Able to shoot with 15 types of color live filters that have been specially chosen. (Mono colors exclusively with MonoPix)

• Able to express in detail in your pictures through bring able to modify the contrast and texture abilities and it can be done easily with just two fingers.

• AE Lock concentration, Focus Concentration, White Balance Concentration abilities.

• Able to shoot in low lighted settings with Low-Light Boost Mode (iPhone 5)

• Experience the Rotary Self Timer just like DSLR cameras.

• Able to refer to camera’s live status while shooting.

• Able to shoot straight pictures with using balancer whether in boat, vehicle, or airplane.

• With Monopix grid, able to amazing settings to for shooting.

• Best resolution quality photo images

• Able to check and chose the Filter live, making it able to shoot in specific moods and surroundings with different settings.

玩攝影App|MonoPix  – 比彩色更好的单色照片。免費|APP試玩

[ Lightbox – powerful photo management ]

• Able to transfer photos with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

• Fast and effective 5 types of settings. (Filter Edit, Copy, Send, Save, Preview/Info, Delete)

• Fast previews and editing capabilities. (Single-tap/Preview, Double-tap/Edit mode)

• Able to bring various photos (From the Album, multiple copy & paste, using Wi-Fi to bring photos from the desktop)

• Filter Editing supported:

- Color Filter: Color Group, Retro Group, Vintage Group, Special Group

- Ring Filter: Linear, Radial, Multi, Graffiti, Bokeh, Color strength mods

- Vignetting: vignette color, territory control

- Blur Effect: Infinitive, Vertical Level/Tilt Shift

- Watermark: 7 different positions to choose and to select from

- Additional Features: brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation, detail, and more

• Able to cut photos in various sizes

• Photo information provided (when shooting, focus/exposure info provided)

• Duplicate capabilities

• Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker, Picasa, Tumbler, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo supported

玩攝影App|MonoPix  – 比彩色更好的单色照片。免費|APP試玩

•Able to save all photos in an album from Light box

• Delete all data at once

• Large quantity Copy/Paste

[ MonoBooth – Make Instant Photo Frame ]

• 42 types of Frames

• 40 types of high quality Monochrome Filter

• Random Filter and Single Filter

• Single-shoot and Multi-shoot

• Transport photos from Album

• 10types of borderline styles and 9 types of color

• Send immediately after Instant pictures taken

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玩攝影App|MonoPix  – 比彩色更好的单色照片。免費|APP試玩

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玩攝影App|MonoPix  – 比彩色更好的单色照片。免費|APP試玩

MonoPix – 比彩色更好的单色照片。 線上APP手遊玩免費

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