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玩生活App|New Lawrenceville免費|APP試玩

The New Lawrenceville App is your local guide to the New Lawrenceville community! The app provides you with local events, local places to shop, and comments from local community members. With our app you can save important events right to your phone or have access to important phone numbers right on your phone with our one touch calling feature.

Inside the app:

- GPS Directions to local businesses

玩生活App|New Lawrenceville免費|APP試玩

- Access to important numbers with one touch calling

- Local event calender where you can save events right to your phone

- Community wall where you can interact with other community members

- Register for local events and mailing list

玩生活App|New Lawrenceville免費|APP試玩

- News feature to help organize the latest news about Lawrenceville

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