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Adopt and care for a new born baby in Newborn Baby Care!

Newborn Baby Care is a free baby care game where you can look after your own little newborn baby. This is a fun game for kids that will teach them how to look after a baby's needs.

Welcome to the newborn baby nursery! It's your first day as a babysitter in the nursery and your job is to take care of these adorable newborn babies and make sure they are happy, healthy and clean. You will need to bathe, feed and play with these cute babies in this free girls game! Choose a baby, fill out their birth certificate, and look after your own prince or princess.

Become a Babysitter!

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

Take care of these sweet little baby boys and girls by spending the day with them and taking care of their every need. They love to play with toys in the bath and in their cot. If they get sad, be sure to give them a kiss!

Care for Your Baby!

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

Care for these babies by giving them a lovely bath, changing their smelly diaper and making sure their skin is soft with talcum powder and baby oil. Feed the baby and make sure they get nap time!

Decorate Their Nursery!

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

Decorate their baby nursery by changing their cot, toy mobile and room décor. Dress up your little prince or princess in cute costumes and pick out a pacifier and toy to keep them happy.

Game Features:

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

>Become a babysitter and take care of your own baby!

>Choose from four unique babies.

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

>Choose the name for your baby on the birth certificate.

>Give your baby a bath.

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

>Change your baby's diaper.

>Feed your baby food and milk.

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

>Put your baby to sleep.

>Decorate your baby's nursery room.

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

>Dress them in cute outfits.

>Keep them happy and healthy!

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

What You Get Newborn Baby Care:

>4 cute babies.

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

>2 game modes.

>6 game stages to play through.

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

>6 toys to give to your baby.

>28 nursery decorations to design your own baby room with.

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

>40 cute accessories and outfits to dress up your baby with.

>4 award trophies to earn.

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

>Newborn Baby Care is completely FREE with NO In-App Purchases.

>Enjoy and care for your cute baby!

玩休閒App|Newborn Baby Care免費|APP試玩

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