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Slack in the office in this new Office Slacking adventure!

Sarah is super bored at work today in this new office slacking girls game, Office Slacking 11! Complete seven fun mini-games within the time limit but don't get caught messing around by the boss!

Yawn! Another boring day awaits Sarah in the office and she can't wait to get home from work and relax with her new husband, Tim. But there are documents that need to be written and stapled... Sarah couldn't possibly get away with slacking today, could she?

Back in the Office!

Office work can be very boring! Sarah is stuck inside staring at a monitor and stapling paperwork together and she would sooner be at home. Help Sarah get through the day by annoying her co-workers and playing on her phone!

All Work and No Play!

Sarah's computer has a virus and keeps showing pop-ups on her screen! Get rid of them by clicking them away so she can get back to work.

Are You Skilled Enough?

玩休閒App|Office Slacking 11免費|APP試玩

Complete all seven mini-games within three minutes. Tap and rub on the screen to complete the activities and unlock all four awards!

Don't Get Caught!

Don't goof off when the boss is on the screen. If your boss walks by, tap on the close button to close the activity so she won't notice you messing around. If she catches you, Sarah will lose her job!

Game Features:

>Help Sarah slack at the office in the time limit.

>Slack away with these fun mini-games.

>Distract co-workers by shooting paper!

>Click away the annoying pop-ups.

>Stack your office supplies into a tower.

玩休閒App|Office Slacking 11免費|APP試玩

>Play classic Snake on your phone.

>Touch up your eye-shadow.

>Send a text on your cell.

>Apply lipstick.

>Earn four unique awards for a new challenge.

>Remember... Don't get caught!

What You Get With Office Slacking 11:

>7 fun activities to complete.

>4 challenging awards to earn.

>3 minutes to complete the game.

玩休閒App|Office Slacking 11免費|APP試玩

>Office theme.

>Different activities with each new Slacking game!

>Office Slacking 11 is completely FREE with NO In-App Purchases.

>Have a great time playing Sarah's Office Slacking 11 slacking games free!

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玩休閒App|Office Slacking 11免費|APP試玩

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玩休閒App|Office Slacking 11免費|APP試玩

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