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玩角色扮演App|Oozengard Alpha 0.2免費|APP試玩

Welcome Oozengard Alpha

Oozengard is a brand new adventure game currently in the works by Cranial Acid, a one man indie team.

This is a special ALPHA version of developer version of Oozengard designed to help promote our new Kickstarter. Which in turn will allow to fund the expensive development cost of Oozengard. By donating on our Kickstarter you will help fund the future of Oozengard & its residents!

With that in mind, since the game is so early in development we are looking to tailor the game towards the community with the help from feedback. Oozengard Dev's are always listening. So feel free to get in touch with us below and help spread the Nooze! (news pun)

This version is not the final build, and should be considered a -->HEAVY<--Alpha Work in Progress.

玩角色扮演App|Oozengard Alpha 0.2免費|APP試玩

Cranial Acid

玩角色扮演App|Oozengard Alpha 0.2免費|APP試玩

Christian Berry


玩角色扮演App|Oozengard Alpha 0.2免費|APP試玩

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玩角色扮演App|Oozengard Alpha 0.2免費|APP試玩

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