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Past Life Regression – Exploring The Past To Heal The Present - With Karen E Wells

• Have you ever wanted to go back and experience a Past Life of yours?

• Ever wondered who you were before this lifetime?

• Do you feel a strong connection with certain people or certain places, but don't know why?

Take a journey back in time to one of your Past Lives. Have you ever wondered who you were in a Past Life? Are there issues going on for you now that you haven’t been able to resolve? This inner journey enables you to explore deep aspects of yourself and could release what is not longer needed from hundreds or thousands of years ago. Feel safe & comfortable as Karen’s voice transports you back to explore your Past Lives enabling you to heal the present.

Cynics and scientists in the West, have for many years challenged the idea of Past Lives. Although it can not be proved under a microscope, or seen by the naked eye, it does exist. Some people also challenge the idea of Past Lives, but the question to ask yourself is: are other people's belief's stopping you from healing such a deep part of yourself?

Past Life Regression is a journey back in time to a previous incarnation or life you have lived. There are 2 main reasons why someone may choose to explore a Past Life:

1) Curiosity: Perhaps you want to know who or what you were in a previous life?

2) A reoccurring event: something which keeps manifesting itself in this lifetime, yet the roots of it are due to a patterning from a Past Life. For example, something which cannot be explained by the events of this life, i.e. a physical ailment, a relationship issue, family problems or unexplainable fears.

In a Past Life Regression session, it is not about who you were or what you did, but rather it is more about seeing those aspects of yourself which need to be healed and laid to rest. This will allow you to move forward and embrace this life. Sometimes, reoccurring themes can happen in many lifetimes, and the seeing of the related problem or issue, can bring forth the healing needed to resolve it. Past Life Regression is an extremely powerful form of healing. Download this APP and enjoy the journey!

Please note that this APP is not recommended for anyone under the age of 16 & is not to be used if you suffer from Epilepsy or any mental disorder. If in doubt, please contact your GP/Doctor to see if Hypnosis & Regression is suitable for you.

玩生活App|Past Life Regression免費|APP試玩

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