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Quiz Creator

Create your own quiz using Quiz Creator with your own categories and questions and play the quiz with up to four teams against each other.

You can enter up to six different categories and up to six different questions in each category. Answering the questions gives you different points depending on the difficulty. The team that has the most points in the end wins the quiz.

This game is suitable for parties, birthdays, celebrations, school, etc.

Connect your mobile phone or tablet device to a projector or TV to increase the fun. Play in groups against each other.


- Any number of quizzes to create and save

- Up to six different custom categories

玩解謎App|Quiz Creator free免費|APP試玩

- Up to six questions in each category with different score

- Up to four teams can compete against each other

- Questions can have 1-4 answers

玩解謎App|Quiz Creator free免費|APP試玩

- Joker addable (Each column will contain a joker)

- "Pass the question to another team". If a team cannot answer the question, the next team may try to answer it.

- "Moderation mode”. A moderator takes the decision whether answers are right or wrong.

玩解謎App|Quiz Creator free免費|APP試玩

- "Time-limit". The teams have only a limited time to respond.

- "Decrease score". Teams should respond quickly, because the points are reduced over time.

and much more ...

If you like Quiz Creator, you can buy the ad-free version in the play store.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish

For suggestions please contact us.

玩解謎App|Quiz Creator free免費|APP試玩

Enjoy playing wishes

Schroech software

玩解謎App|Quiz Creator free免費|APP試玩

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