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If you want to secure your messages sending over sms channels by encrypting every words you type, 'SMS Encryption Droid' can fulfill your requirements. With this application, messages are securely encrypted before sending and decrypted when they are received. Encrypted messages are stored into phone and they are not readable by other sms applications. You can also setup secret encryption key with each of your contacts to get maximum security for your confidential messages.

Followings are features of this application.

Creating contact(s): You can either copy existing contacts of your phone to application address list or you can add them manually. You can also add/update/delete contacts and messages of this application. It will not delete any contacts or messages of other applications or phone contact list.

Sending encryption message: You need to press a little longer on message sending button when you send messages.

Encryption key settings: You can create secret encryption key for each of your contacts. When one user sends encryption key to other user, it will prompt message about receiving encryption key in receiving phone. This key will be shared between these two users.

玩工具App|SMS Encrypt免費|APP試玩

* Setting encryption key make sure your message is double encrypted. In this case, only you and other user who has same encryption key can decrypt the messages.

玩工具App|SMS Encrypt免費|APP試玩

* Double encryption means that your message is encrypted with our own encryption algorithm first, then this message is encrypted again with encryption key using AES algorithm.

Login settings: You can set password to protect this application so that you only can access this application.

玩工具App|SMS Encrypt免費|APP試玩

* If you forgot the password, you can remove it from setting. Removing password will delete all encrypted messages of this application.

玩工具App|SMS Encrypt免費|APP試玩

* Login session will be expired after 10 minutes you have logged in.

Important Note: It is required to install this application on message receiving Android phone (your friend's phone) to read encrypted sms messages you send. Otherwise, other sms application cannot convert encrypted message into readable text.

End User License Agreement:

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