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玩工具App|Santorini for TS Keyboard免費|APP試玩

Skin pack for TS Keyboard

Pretty skins for your TS!

Customize your TS with beautiful skins.

** To download this application, you must first download the TS keyboard.

★How to Install

Download ""TS keyboard"" -> Run ""TS keyboard"" after install -> Press ""TS"" button at the bottom left -> Select Skin theme -> Select Skin.

●TS Keyboard●

The unrivalled leader in global keyboards!

You don't need to look at the keyboard and screen separately to type a word.

●Supports 25 multilingual keyboards!

-English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Iranian, Urdu, Hindi, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish

玩工具App|Santorini for TS Keyboard免費|APP試玩

●Use the input trace function to find a typo easily!

-See which keys you have pressed, so you can find and correct typos quickly.

●Edit text more conveniently using multi-toolbar!

- You can edit more conveniently with the multi-toolbar's various functions.

玩工具App|Santorini for TS Keyboard免費|APP試玩

● Supports one-hand mode!

- You can type conveniently using one hand with one-hand mode.

● Artificial Intelligence (AI) dictionary available!

When you write the first letter or the first word, a list of previously used words or sentences appears so that you can choose one from the list.

玩工具App|Santorini for TS Keyboard免費|APP試玩

●A total of over 30 high-quality skins are available!

- Mint, Stylish black, iPhone style, Yellow star, Simple black, Brown, Dark gray, Blue gray, Baby pink, Lovely pink, Purple, Navy, Violet, Pink candy, Blue candy, Pallets, Cow pattern, Pink lady, Emerald beach, Scarlett fabric, Clockwork, Marshmallows, Simple gray, Blue, etc.

Enjoy using TS keyboard, supporting easier and more intuitive multilingual input and a variety of secondary tools (multi-toolbar).

玩工具App|Santorini for TS Keyboard免費|APP試玩

Santorini for TS Keyboard 線上APP手遊玩免費

不限時間玩Santorini for TS Keyboard App免費

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