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With today's phones and Chromecast technology, you can give presentations using just your phone! But there is one problem: if you want to use the pictures on your phone to hold your presentation, you will either have to fiddle around with your auto-rotate functionality and inadvertently auto-rotate your slides during your presentation, or you will have to mess around with your slides.

Enter ShowCast!

With this simple-to-use app, you just connect your phone to a Chromecast, point to the first slide of your presentation on your phone, and press start!

You will start a slideshow of your presentation slides in your choice of orientation (landscape or portrait). Just flip through your slides like any other photo-app, and you can pinch-zoom to put extra focus on parts of your slide!

All this without rotating your slides or having to change your slides; for your next presentation, you need only bring your phone and a Chromecast!

And as an added bonus, you can see your slides on your phone during the presentation without having to look at the big screen, so no more turning away from the audience to see what's up on the screen!

ADDED in v2.0: You can now display notes on your phone, too! They will only display on your phone's screen! If you flick between your notes or slides, your slides/notes will scroll too, so you always have the slide/note show up which needs to go with the slide on the main presentation screen.

ADDED in v2.5: Full ChromeCast support. Thanks to the new API, you don't need the ChromeCast app to mirror your phone: just start your presentation and select your ChromeCast device using the usual ChromeCast button!


-selectable orientation of the slides (portrait or landscape)


-rotation lock during the presentation: your slides won't turn sideways while giving the presentation from your phone

-keeps your phone's screen on during the presentation


-pinch-zoom on your slides during the presentation

-ADDED in v2.0: select notes to your slides which will only show on your phone! You now can use your phone as a flash-card display when you are presenting! You now really only need a ChromeCast and your phone to have full control of your presentation!


-ADDED in v2.0: Zoom in and move around your slides and have that show up on your main presentation screen! Do the same for your notes, but this only shows up on your phone's screen!


-turn your slides into pictures (jpg or png)


-copy them onto your phone

-start ShowCast


-select the first slide of your slideshow

(-optional: select the first note to show; notes will only show up on your phone, not on your big screen!)


-press "START" to start your presentation

-click the ChromeCast button in the upper right corner and select the ChromeCast you want to use

-have a great presentation!

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