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Ancient Indian scriptures tell us about the importance & value of Yoga in our daily lives, and it has become even more valuable in today's life, when life is full of stress, chaos and day-to-day challenges. Yoga not only gives you peace of mind, but also a healthy body, to live happily.

Smart Yoga entails a series of simple but effective suggested positions to help achieve a healthy body, mind and soul! Always talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise regime.

玩運動App|Smart Yoga免費|APP試玩

You may find it difficult to join Yoga classes in your busy schedule, but with this app you won't need to actually disturb your schedule. All you need is a little free time with this most useful application. You can learn and benefit from timed Yoga sessions, followed by expert instructions in this application.

• 5 categories available for Yoga exercises, catering to kids and adults.

玩運動App|Smart Yoga免費|APP試玩

• Common Yoga – The practice of yoga is perfect for improving strength, flexibility, and balance, and it can also help reduce stress and improve energy. Common Yoga can be done by all.

• Yoga for Adults – Adult lives are full of responsibilities, tensions and chaos. To bring calm and relax yourself Yoga is a must. It will help gain overall health and balance in body, mind and spirit

玩運動App|Smart Yoga免費|APP試玩

• Yoga for Kids – With Smart Yoga you can teach your child how to develop tools for mindful living. Starting Yoga at an early age is always beneficial. Teach your kid how to center himself during stressful situations later in life, increase his flexibility and improve his posture.

玩運動App|Smart Yoga免費|APP試玩

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