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The Snooperscope app allows you to monitor and control your Snooperscope device. Don’t have a Snooperscope? Find out more at

Snooperscope is the first Night Vision device you can use with your smartphone. Snooperscope is portable, battery powered, wifi, light and fun.

With Snooperscope you can view live and recorded video, during day and night in complete darkness, and more.

This app is specifically built for P2P IP Snooperscope cameras series that utilizes IOTC (Internet Of Things Cloud) as connection platform.

The Snooperscope app allows users to:

- Live View video from IP camera, landscape and portrait view


- Multiscreen 4 live videos

- Recording audio/video into local SD Card

- Playback remote SD Card audio/video

- Support QRCode scan input UID


- Lan search import UID

- Manually Input UID

- The revolutionary QR Code Scan contributes a fast and easy way to you to setup the camera.

- Receive alarm messages and send emails


- Check event lists and play beck recorded events

- Switch on-off IR leds

Snooperscope Camera Features:

- P2P Network and Cloud

- IP Camera


- IoT compatible IP camera

- Wi-Fi Network

- Zoom In/Out

- 2-Way Audio


- Photo snap

- Video and Audio Capture

- Night Vision

- Motion Detection


- ONVIF compatible

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